Testing season can be daunting…but MobyMax is here to help! Next week (Mar 27 – Mar 31), we are running a special MobyMax contest to sharpen students’ skills in Math and Language! There’s a chance for you to WIN every day — a special tower of treats (for you) and a Dairy Queen gift card (for your top student).

Participating is easy!

1. Set up your classroom contest in just 2 minutes!
– Sign in to your teacher account and click “Contests.”
– Name of Contest: MobyMax Spring Math and Language Challenge
– Dates: Mon Mar 27 – Thurs Mar 30, 2017
– Select Subject: Math and Language
– Results based on: Time
– Contest for: My Classroom

2. Next week (Mar 27 – Mar 31), have your students sign in to MobyMax and work in the Math or Language module. When your students are done working, follow these steps to view the total time and raw points earned by each student:
– Sign in to your MobyMax teacher account.
– Click “Contests.”
– Next to your contest “MobyMax Spring Math and Language Challenge”, click “Results.”
– Look at your students’ time (in seconds) and raw points.

Starting on Monday (Mar 27), tell us on Facebook how much time your top student spent and that student’s raw points! We don’t need a name, just the time spent and the raw points.

We will draw two random winners every day at 9:30am EST next week. Each winner will receive a tower of tasty treats and a $10 Dairy Queen gift card. On Friday, we will draw 10 additional random winners at 2pm EST! All winners will be announced at www.facebook.com/mobylearning.

Glynn and Wade